Truly grateful

“Pain” That’s what I felt most of the time.

After a life of sports along with many crashes on my mountain bikes, motorcycles and lots of wipeouts surfing I was diagnosed in my 50’s with Degenerative Disk Disease in my neck and lower spin. Couple that with a condition called Occipital Neuralgia. I tried everything, including injections and surgery to mention a few. Then a close friend suggested I contact Lucy Pausback, who is now the owner of La Jolla Oncology Acupuncture & Massage. That’s when things turned the corner for me, for the best. Lucy listened to everything my body and I were saying and then devised a personalized treatment plan. Lucy has orchestrated the most amazing treatments that have made an amazing difference in my life, both physically and mentally.
Lucy truly cares about the health of her clients.

C L Tyler

I am continuing my treatment and feel better because of it.

Shortly after completing my cancer treatment which included chemo and radiation simultaneously, I developed encephalitis in my left arm. A cancer survivor friend suggested acupuncture and lymphatic message from Doctor Lucy Pauseback. This helped so much! Encephalitis is gone! Then Covid-19 hit and I stopped treatments. I recently started treatments again for planters fasciitis and received an added bonus. Dr. Pauseback also gave me a lymphatic message which I sorely needed. Radiation side effects last for several years. I am continuing my treatment and feel better because of it.

D van Buskirk 

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