Integrative Oncology Care

Oncology Acupuncture & Massage Therapy in La Jolla, CA

Providing whole person care and relief with gentle and effective therapies to help restore quality of life while you navigate through a cancer diagnosis.

Dr. Lucy Pauseback L.Ac, DACM, created La Jolla Oncology Acupuncture and Massage to make science-backed integrative oncology care available to cancer patients, their caregivers, and care teams in her local community.
For Patients
A diagnosis of cancer is one of the biggest challenges anyone can face. During cancer treatment and afterwards, people need support. Our treatments safely integrate acupuncture, massage and other therapies into your whole person care plan.
For Caregivers
The ripples created by a cancer diagnosis extend to partners, children, family members, and friends. Our services support caregivers to bring a sense of emotional and physical wellbeing while you care for your loved one.
For Health Professionals
Acupuncture, massage therapy and other holistic modalities are a valuable part of each patient’s healthcare plan. Dr. Pauseback often consults with oncology providers to design a safe and effective treatment plan.

Dr. Pauseback's Integrative and Effective Therapies as Part of Holistic Cancer Care

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