For Caregivers


Oncology patients often face a long and difficult journey, which can be made even more challenging by the side effects of treatment. Holistic care and integrative medicine can help cancer patients manage these side effects and improve their overall quality of life.

Acupuncture, massage and other holistic modalities can help reduce stress, depression and anxiety to benefits anyone who’s affected by cancer, whether a caregiver, or a concerned loved one. It’s a highly effective way for caregivers and loved ones to participate in the cancer patient’s healing. Acupuncture is very relaxing, and during a time when a patient is constantly going to the doctor, getting blood drawn, and taking medications, it’s one appointment that you can actually look forward to!

Being a caregiver can take its toll on sleep and numerous studies have demonstrated that acupuncture is helpful for treating insomnia. This is another area where both cancer patients and caregivers benefit, since insomnia is so often associated with stress and anxiety. Better sleep leads to a stronger immune system, more energy and better mood, and helps create optimal conditions for the body’s natural healing processes to occur.

If you are interested in exploring holistic care and integrative medicine, book a free consultation with Dr. Lucy Pauseback who has specialized training and experience working with oncology patients and their care team.

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